WiFi Solutions

Home WiFi

Home WiFi solutions that deliver high speed connectivity and 100 % signal coverage

Business/Office WiFi

WiFi solutions for offices with multiple SSIDS and management features

Cafe/Restaurant WiFi

Cafe WiFi solutions that allows guests to login with their social media accounts

Hotel WiFi

High Speed WiFi solutions for hotel guests and management staff

Motel WiFi

High speed WiFi solutions for motel guests and management staff

Shopping Centre WiFi

WiFi solutions for shopping centres with management portal and social media login

Farm WiFi

Farm WiFi solutions and network extensions to remote buildings

Building Site WiFi

Building site WiFi solutions for staff and connectivity to site equipment & machinery

Warehouse WiFi

WiFi solutions for warehouses for staff and inventory scanners

Bus/Vehicle WiFi

Bus WiFi solutions with cloud management, landing page portals and radius servers

Event/Temporary WiFi

Event WiFi solutions and hotspot portals for authentication and management

Healthcare Establishments WiFi

Healthcare WifFi solutions for hospitals, retirement villages, etc.

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