Motel WiFi Solutions

Our motel wifi solution is delivered and installed at motel in New Zealand at zero investment cost for motels. We deliver and install a maintained motel wifi solution that does not require motel operators to spend any money to get it installed at their properties. Being a maintained solution, the wifi comes with 24/7 technical support. Our solution includes all the necessary equipment, cabling, installation service, hosting and support service. In return, motel operators will pay us a monthly fee. 

Zero Investment

Our motel wifi solutions are delivered and installed at no initial cost for motel operators

Maintained WiFi Solution

Our motel wifi solutions are maintained. We monitor, maintain and keep them 100 % functional, 24/7

Monthly Fee

Motel operators pay us a monthly fee in return for our service.

No More Vouchers or Passwords

Motel operators don't have to print vouchers or give guests password or deal with connectivity issues anymore.

Guest Authenticated via SMS

Guest will automatically receive a WiFi code on their mobile via text message. They will use that code to connect to WiFi

Hotspot Landing Page

WiFi hotspot with landing page (motel logo, T&C, welcome message, etc.). Also include bandwidth management for QoS.

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