Home Mesh WiFi Solutions

A home mesh wifi solution allows distribution of the wifi singal throughout the whole house and delivers 100 % connectivity to internet from any location in the house. Home mesh wifi solutions consist of a network of WiFi Access Points that communicate with each other in the 5 Ghz band to deliver wifi signal anywhere arround your house.

Benefits of a home mesh wifi solution

Unified SSID 

Only 1 WiFi name/network, regardless the number of Access Points arround the house. Dual band indeed, but 1 WiFi name only.

High Speed

(Quality) Mesh WiFi delivers very high speed connectivity to internet due to dedicated quality processors incorporated in the routers


Your wireless devices will seamlessly connect to the in range access point without you noticing that. Connection manager allows that to take place.

What to avoid when purchasing a home mesh wifi solution

Never use ISP provider router

A mesh WiFi solution will fail to work if it is installed with a ISP Router. All ISP Huawei routers fail to to work properly with a mesh solution due to poor processors and overall poor quality router (processors, TCP/IP, radios, etc.). Never use ISP routers with your mesh WiFi

Don't buy "unknown brands"

Honestly, don't buy cheap unkown brands. They don't work. In most cases that proved to be a waste of time and money. And the biggest mistake is to purchase cheap/unknown brands to install them with your existing ISP router. That definitely won't work

APs too far away from each other

If your APs are placed too far away from each other then 5Ghz link (which is your uplink) won't work properly. In most cases, APs beig too far apart will create a low signal to noise ratio for you uplink which is the sudden death of you wifi network. 

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