Hospitality WiFi Hotspot for Streaming Service

The WiFi network in a hotel or motel is now an important aspect of the business. A hotel operator cannot afford bad wifi for the guests. But things are changing now and guests demand more than simple internet access for their e-mail or social media. 

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They will expect to use the hotel wifi network to connect to online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spark, etc. to stream content to their personal devices. 

There will be a massive increase in guest demanding streaming WiFi, now that entertainment is changing to streaming online rather then on conventional Live TV way.

Streaming requires a very good quality wifi, with good bandwidth and strong signal. The reality is that almost all hotels and motels these days only offer guests one simple WiFi access by using a hotspot application where they can limit the access to internet to a certain speed (usually 1 mbps) and volume of data (usually 500 MB) per day. This kind of hotspot is intended to facilitate guests access to internet strictly for e-mail, social media or web browsing. On a hotspot condition no guest can ever stream video content (Netflix, Spark, etc) because the connection does not offer enough speed or data volume for that kind of activity.

Hotels operators have to secure a parallel or a second WiFi solution for streaming purpose only. The ideal way of dealing with this requirement is for hotel operators to offer guests two type of wifi:

A Free Hotspot where guest can connect to wifi and receive a free amount of data per day at a certain speed to allow them to check their emails, browse internet, social media, etc.

A Paid Ultra Fast WiFi where guest can connect their personal devices to stream content and watch their favorite shows online. In all cases the cost associated with provisioning such a service to guests is recovered  by charging guests a small amount for access to streaming wifi. Transaction and authentication of user is done automatically by the wifi router by charging  the user's credit card.

The two wifi networks must work independently via two different gateways to make sure there is no interference between business management wifi, free guest wifi and paid guest wifi.

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