Hotel WiFi Solutions

A hotel wifi solution must deliver very good quality connectivity to internet for the guests. Hotels do not have to deal with unhappy guests and complaints about a poor quality and slow wifi. It is not good for the business and it does affect a hotel directly from a business (returning guest) perspective.

Our hotel wifi solutions deliver high speed and reliable connectivity keeping your guests happy and no complaints. We design and install customized hotel wifi solutions to suit your business needs. 

Maintained WiFi 

All our hotel wifi solutions are 24/7 monitored and maintained by our IT Support team. 

Secure WiFi

All our hotel wifi solutions are design with a high level of security. 

100 % Signal Coverage

WiFi signal everywhere in the hotel for both guests and management

Staff Access

Hotel staff will have access to wifi everywhere in the hotel

Guest Access

Guest will have access to wifi in their rooms and everywhere in the hotel

Streaming WiFi

Guest can access this wifi network if they wish to use a streaming service (Netflix, Spark, etc.). This can be either free or paid wifi access

Complete Solutions

We offer a complete solution that includes WiFi, Internet Service, IT Support

Fast Installations

We install everything  very fast including cabling if required. Everywhere in New Zealand

Free Quotations

We can do Free quotations and site visits. Please get in touch for a free quotation

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