Custom VoIP Solutions

What is "Pool Minutes"

Pool minutes represent your total voice minutes allocated for the month that you can use across all phones included in your account.They are in a "pool" and each phone can make phone calls by using those minutes


Smart and Cost effective

Combine the free extensions feature we have with pool minutes and you will get a very smart and cost effective phone system. See the example bellow on how to plan your new voip system to be very effective on both performance and monthly cost

Example (our solution):

Lets imagine a small business that has  1 x Reception and 9 x desks  

This business will require 10 IP phones in total.

Ideal solution:

1 x Cloud Line with full cloud PBX features (your main business number) - $ 4.00 per month

9 x Free Cloud extensions with full cloud PBX features - $ 0.00 per month

1000 x Pool Minutes (NZ/AUS landline and mobile calls) distributed across all phones - $ 85.00 per month

Average businesses with 10 phones don't use more 1000 minutes a month (combined NZ/AUS local, national and mobile).

Your total cost to run a 10 phones Office Voip Solution: $ 89.00 per month with all calls included

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