UFB Broadband for Streaming Service in Hotels


Streaming broadband services in hotels facilitate guests the access to media streaming services such as Netflix, You Tube and the new coming Spark (for Live sports including the next rugby world cup.

Considering the requirement for streaming service in an environment where multiple devices are streaming simultaneously via the same network, a parallel, ultrafast streaming broadband service should be implemented.

The streaming Broadband connection will act as dedicated service for streaming without interfering with hotel/motel network or the guest free wifi.

We specialize in providing hotels and motels with streaming service package that includes a parallel ultrafast broadband connection and wifi solution. The package includes:

  • Ultrafast Broadband Service for Streaming
  • Spark Live TV Ready
  • Commercial grade gateway router
  • WiFi solution (including all hardware, access points, cabling and installation)
  • An integrated payment portal where guests can log in to access the premium wifi and purchase access by paying with their credit card
  • Free Installation (conditions apply, talk to us about conditions)
  • 24/7 Cloud Managed Solution with 24/7 Free Support

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