Starlink Installers

Starlink Installers for Auckland, Northland, Waikato and Bay Of Plenty Area

We have a network of Stralink installers with experience in installing satellite equipment and professional cabling. We cover Auckland, Waikato, Northland and Bay of Plenty and offer a professional starlink installation service with a 5 years warranty at a fixed price cost for your starlink installation.

Starlink Dish Installation

We install your Starlink dish on the roof using a galvanized roof mount type with adjustable mounting angle and 2 galvanized stays. Installed by professional installers we offer a 5 years warranty on all of our starlink dish installations.

Cabling to Starlink Router Location

We run your starlink cable (or oven extend it if required) to your router location inside your property. All cabling is done in a professional manner by experienced technicians offering a 5 years warranty for the service.

Setup of your Starlink Router and WiFi

We setup your starlink router and configure your wifi on it. If your house already have a wifi booster system in place we make sure we setup the starlink router on the same IP network range and get all your wifi and network devices connected and tested.

Extend your Starlink WiFi to reach other buildings within your property 

We can extend your starlink wifi to reach a sleepout, warehouse, or any other building within your property limits. We use Point To Point technology that delivers zero loss internet bandwidth over wireless networks. We have been doing Point To Point WiFi for over 10 years now so we can guarantee you a high quality wifi installation.

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