Spark Streaming Service in Hotels

Fact: If you go in a hotel room and put the TV on a certain channel you can watch Live All Blacks Rugby if  the game is on. When Spark takes over the service, hotels and motels in New Zealand will not be able to to that anymore without adjusting their network to the new system.

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How do you stream Spark content in Hotels and Motels?

That is a very important question now that the TV brodacsting is chancing to streaming content over the internet. The next brodacsater of Rugby World Cup is Spark and TVNZ. Spark is not using the satellite platform in place but they use their own app to stream content over the internet.

That is quite a big step ahead for live sports broadcasting or maybe we should call it "welcome to the online streaming table" now that players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Lightbox, etc. are taking over the traditional way of watching TV by offering user on demand content, including Live TV (that's what Spark is going to do).

Hotels and Motels will have to review their TV system and make it ready for streaming services. It is time for the switch now that All Blacks games will no longer show on SKY. 

At this stage in New Zealand no hotel or motel is able to accomodate a Spark streaming service to their rooms TV. That is not possible at this stage for the following reasons:

1. Spark streaming app cannot run on the hotel room TVs 

Even if hotels provide Smart TVs in the rooms (with the Spark App) guest will not be able to use it for security and contect protection reasons reasons. Netflix, which is a similar service does not allow users to login on a hotel room TV for same security and content protection reasons. Imagine guests login on a hotel room Smart TV with their credentials and forget to sign out when they check out.

2. Hotels and Motels don't have the required streaming infrastructure

In New Zealand most hotels and motels running their guest wifi on a hotspot. That means guest can have free or paid access to internet under hotel conditions. In most cases access to internet is limited to maximum 1 GB per day or less with speed of 1Mbps or less. Also the coverage of signal in the rooms is quite bad in some cases. Under those circumstances guests cannot watch Netflix or Spark using a hotel guest WiFi.

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