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We resell, integrate and support Nevron hotel IPTV solution for hotel industry that delivers high quality guest entertainment. 

Channel Navigator

Channel Navigator

IPTV app that allows guests to watch television and listen to radio channels on the TV screen, received from A/V sources such as cable, terrestrial and satellite receivers. It also allows guests to navigate between the available TV and radio channels or access to TV Guide (EPG) information. The channel lists and EPG can be personalized, which displays TV channels in the guests' language at the top of the channel navigation menu.

Promotional Channel

Any kind of private TV or radio channel (entertainment, informative or promotional) can be created and distributed to the room’s TV screens or to any other location such as reception desk, bars, etc. In most cases, the INFO channel is used for the promotion of in-house services and special offers.

VOD - Video on Demand

VOD - Video on Demand

Movie rentals and other video recordings are available based on the VOD app. Video content is available 24 hours a day, and can be accessed free or for a fee. Video upload can be done automatically through the CDN networks or using the manual content import tool. Hotel VOD services is one of most common of the IPTV system's revenue streams. A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.

OTT Services

Users of the Nevron IPTV portal can simply access many of the most popular web services, known as OTT services. The best known ones are the popular YouTube, Flickr, Picassa, Google Maps and many other Over-The-Top services. When choosing Nevron IPTV technologies, no additional investment in an IPTV head-end will be required for making OTT services available to TV users/guests.

Virtual Catalogue

Based on this IPTV module, the service provider can establish one or more catalogues to promote any kind of products and services. Hotels, for example, could promote and list products in theirs gift shop and present them to their guests on the TV screens in all the hotel rooms. Any other offer can be listed in a catalogue, from spa services, local travel arrangements or room services. The catalogue itself can be used to present any product or service and also inform the buyer how and where to pay for or get the item.

Virtual Shop

Virtual Shop

The Virtual shop module is an upgraded version of the catalogue, which is not just meant for promotion and presentation purposes, but also for direct payments and reservations from the TV (hotel room for example). A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.

Room Services

The promotion of available in-room services, such as refilling the room bar, laundry services, meals or drink deliveries or any other similar service that can be performed in-room or to ensure a comfortable stay. Services are not just promoted using this IPTV service, it also supports immediate orders.

Hotel Services

Hotel Services

The most important feature for hotels, designed to promote and make reservations for existing hotel services, ranging from massages, saunas, beauty services, sports facilities, restaurant and bar facilities, to city and other sight-seeing tours or any other organized event. Promotion of hotel services enriches the guests’ experiences, lets people know about the hotel offer and also boosts the hotel income. A PMS connection is required for charging and/or reservation purposes.

Messaging System

The ability to send direct messages from the reception desk (IPTV administration console) to the TV screens of the guest rooms. Direct messages that appear on guest's TV screens, can be sent to one or a group of TV screens. Guests can even send messages between rooms.

Info Centre

A very important service for any guest is access to all the most relevant information regarding their stay. Hotel information such as opening hours, eating hours, important phone numbers, etc.. Also relevant is town information, travel options, sightseeing options, city map availability, airport and other transportation information.

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Guests can get a warm welcome message or video displayed on the TV screen in their own language when they enter the room for the first time. The Nevron IPTV Hospitality solution supports various welcoming screen templates. The Nevron IPTV system must be integrated with the PMS (Property Management System), usually based on the Micros Fidelio connectivity standard, in order to welcome guest with their real name.


ViewBIll allows guests to inspect their hotel expenditures at any time on the TVs of their rooms. ViewBill requires connection with the hotel PMS system in order to provide up to the minute expenditure information.

Wakeup Widget

Allows guests to set their wake-up times using the TVs in their rooms.

World Clock Widget

Display different clock times for the biggest cities around the world.

Sleep Mode Widget

Can be setup to put the TV into sleep mode at the desired time.

Express Checkout

Allows guests to use express checkout. Using this function, invoices should already waiting for the guest at the reception desk.

Parental Control

The KidsLock function requires a password from the users/guests to access certain IPTV portal services and content.

Guest Survey

This option allows users/guests to complete questionnaires about their stay for example. Any kind of questionnaires can be constructed and published on the portal.

Alarm System

The Nevron IPTV system can be connected to the hotel security system as well. In the case of evacuation, an alarm message is displayed on all TV screens.

Butler Call

With click of a button on the IPTV portal, a request is sent to the butler to come to the guest's room as soon as possible.

Maintenance Request

A special request form on the TV screen allowing a problem in the room to be reported to the reception desk with a request for maintenance. For example, such maintenance can be requested for air-conditioning, heating or electricity problems.

User Guide

The IPTV portal user guide, available on the TV screen at any time. The guide is accessible with the click of a button on the remote control. The most essential user guides are always visible at the bottom of the IPTV portal and are related to the page displayed.


Part of the Nevron IPTV Middleware is the so-called Housekeeper. Cleaning and maintenance staff can track the status of the Minibar and requested/performed cleaning/maintenance services in the room, using the special maintenance GUI on TV screens and remote control. All information is sent directly to the service department or reception desk.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an independent module of Nevron IPTV Middleware. It allows the management and display of promotional, entertainment or informative video content on the TV screens in any public place for particular customers. In hotels, such public places could be the reception, bars, corridors or meeting areas. The displayed content could be scheduled, grouped per particular TV screens and composed of video, pictures and text elements.

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