Construction Site Internet & WiFi Solutions

Our construction site wifi solutions and internet are based on Cradlepoint 4G/LTE commercial grade routers using the 4G network. Construction sites are now connected to internet and wifi more than ever.

From main office to laptops and tablets to IP CCTV, connected devices and access control, a reliable connectivity is essential for project success.

In most cases construction sites are difficult to connect with traditional copper or fibre lines. Internet Service Providers (ISP) don't have copper or fibre connections to the site and will require a long period of time and high installation cost to install it. Also, there are constant changes to the area due to the nature of construction site and wired network will not be practical.

To overcome these obstacles we use 4G/LTE wireless connectivity. The 4G/LTE solution can be used and it is available immediately and does not require any cabling. Total Connections 4G/LTE plans are very flexible, you can use our connectivity services for project duration only. We offer additional services such as WiFi coverage and IOT Device connectivity.

----- Connectivity Across your Construction Site -----

Main Office Internet & WiFi

We provide 4G/LTE Wireless Internet access for your site office with VPN support. With quick installation service we deliver connectivity for up to 30 staffs via LAN and WIFi.

WiFi Across the Building Site 

We will install a wifi network for 100 % WiFi coverage of your building site. We use a mesh wireless system from Ubiquiti that allows delivery of the wifi signal anywhere arround your building site

IOT Device Connectivity

Connect auxiliary devices devices such as surveillance IP-based CCTV systemsor access control systems with reliable VPN access anywhere you need it..

Independent 4G connectivity 

Pool type connectivity using our 4G SIMs. Connect your 4G devices and pool your data allowance across multiple SIMs. We guarantee the lowest price per GB in New Zealand

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